Triage, white women. Triage.
Cynthia McCabe

Thank you. I feel like saying “daughter thou art losed”! Lol!

The snake remains a snake even after it sheds its skin. What’s required here is evolution, we must all become something else entirely. This is what communism for all her faults failed at, defining a boundary wide enough to contain all our colors; and I for one commend it for the effort.

America invented “white people”; Antioch and the Parousia birthed “Christian”; Nietzsche ideated the overman. The recurrence is not accidental; with every rebirth we have expanded the boundaries of inclusion. Let’s fail faster!

The work at hand demands violence of that scale. We must tear the old barriers down, not re-label them.

That small shift you made- the move to redefine the pain point, it was completely new to me and almost mystical. As the science now shows; it’s nearly impossible to “re-see” anything; it’s why we cement epiphanies in folklore.

I don’t have any answers Sista*; but I also will try to see you anew next time we meet!

This is going on a bit but I wanted to say am very grateful for your work; for the jihad it required to see the familiar anew.

This helps, and it’s all anyone can ask.

PS now you can touch my hair anytime! Lol!

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