I have a funny not funny story about Wells Fargo.

That’s because it’s not people doing it. It’s computers, to which you are another number on a column. That column has embedded code that says ‘optimize for profit’. I’m over simplifying but that’s essentially it.

I could be wrong but if Rita from accounting had to watch your expenses which would clearly show the desperation and caution in your expenses, she might think twice about applying that overdraft. A computer thinks once*!

They promise we are getting there, that soon ‘compassion and mercy’ will also become programmable. That just like Google tracks your trips by your cell phone soon these algorithms will detect patterns of desperation and alert authorities and perhaps even offer assistance.

I’m lucky, at 35 I’ll only see the beginning of that world. I want none of it. I’m a Luddite alright! What human beings have failed to model I have my doubts as to what lengths a computer can be engineered to surpass.

40 years ago Dylan sang ‘a hard rains gonna fall’ since he’s not dead I’m sure his ark is nearly complete! We are all gonna need it!

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