America does not reward failure, she punishes it. Swiftly, with white-hot cruelty.
Gerard Mclean

That’s not America love, it’s reality. Bedrock.

Like the children's game — rocks, paper, scissors?

It teaches a most crucial distinction, that of consequence. The rewards for failure is communal, dispersed. It’s the foundation for our survival, for genetics.

Nassim Taleb writes about this if you have time, it’s a most fascinating insight. He calls it Anti-fragility, a strategy for indestructibility. I personally think it’s seminal.

When you fail you bless all of us, when you succeed you alone and yours are blessed. Failure is speaking plainly, success is glossolalia. Cool but really?

The paradox is that we cant adopt failure as a strategy, it has to be the step daughter, second wife.

Failure is a prostitute, only those corrupt enough for her services know her virtues.

Whenever you fail, our genes get smarter. It’s what gossips for. Like fighting computer viruses or removing land-mines.

Somethings need to be blown up to ensure safe passage. Either that or the mind of God.

What’s rad for me is that, precisely because she punishes for failure the system benefits from it. The day she begins to reward it, she’ll lose it’s benefits.

Life is deviant like that, masochist. All our learning, if true is destructive. I think it’s the only justification for sex. The system accounting for an endless supply of fools. I mean that much sperm in one ejaculation?!

Hegel called it the critical excess or something like that, it’s the imperfection that makes perfection conceivable.

Next time you fail, take a bow. Just don’t do it in public. They hanged the last guy on a tree for doing just that!

I really enjoyed this, only so long I can go without a pulpit.