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This is breath-taking! Like waves lashing a dam, effusive, relentless and hopeless.

You are something else man, I kid you not.

When you shine I have to shield my eyes! That bright!

I’m not praising you, am eulogizing — it’s only in dying that anything is this decadent.

The sheen is unearthly, the scope disorienting.

Read like youthful love-making, hands everywhere. Sensations shooting up faster than you can hold and inspect, going from solid to vacuum in a breath. Carrying you along, no permission granted or requested and yet none the poorer for etiquette.

Wise and mocking, like all true philosophy. I like your art a lot.

Mike Essig — ‘Old-fashioned creativity, up-to date technology!’ — adapted from the guy who did my motorcycle inspection this morning.

What a world!