The evolution of Evil.
Jhagi Bhai

Thomas Sowell has exhausted the advocacy life-cycle in Vision of the Anointed. Feminism is taking umbrage with the neighbors kids so you can knock’em out in a showdown. Men are the kids — the pretext, feminism is angry with God! Patriarchy does not legislate upper body strength!

Just like with BLM when you run out of monsters you can go home and wash your face, conjour some out of thin air — micro-aggressions, or borrow a few from the past.

You get a cats attention with a laser pointer; for Gods you light up everything that burns until blue becomes a bright orange inferno!

I love women. I always have. They didn’t even have to try. Perhaps women are bored. When you have nothing to fight for because another brought home the kill and paid the price you long for a blood-letting of your own. Gratitude is boring; ‘the struggle’ sounds exciting!

Think about it; there’s no higher compliment than “I love you and will lay down my life for you!” Source? Patriarchy! Imagine!

Victories won? Or concessions made? Life demands punishment. The gods must have punished Prometheus not for the theft but the foolishness of delivering snow to eskimos!

Feminism is like politics in Africa; you can burn the house to prove how cold you are or let the sun rise. There are demons enough for all dreaming men!

John Mayer wrote “this one we just made for fall, winters runs a bit too small!” — he could have been talking about woman.

There’s a Paradox in life; you can’t speak for yourself. Just like in court, all must be spoken for.