Oh it’s ok….
A Ennis

Which all is why engagement matters! The reason your write up demanded a response.

I’ll tell you something you know already Mrs. McEnnis. There are those who get it and those who don’t, pedantic I know.

The challenge now is to get those who don’t and wont see to start looking, we can’t force them but as a minimum barrier for entry we have an obligation to hear the opposing view. It’s how we respect each other. This is not some place to leave random thoughts without implications for responsible exchange of ideas, they have FB for that!

There’s another chic who writes all these incendiary things and then ignores any contradictions anyone brings up, because apparently she’s heard herself and that’s all that mattered.

Sure people can do that, I want nothing to do with those people. I feel sorry for them but they are unwilling to listen or learn. They demand mirrors not artists! Mirrors reflect the obvious, artistry like genius hits the unseen target. I won’t spend the coin of my concentration and intellect on them.

We have to demand that someone who comes on the internet/Medium and says, Islam is sacred, the prophet was Holy and exemplary be willing also to listen and look at the evidence to the contrary.

Otherwise nobody learns anything, we all come on here and circle-jerk and go back to our bacon and chips. I’m tired of that world, I’m tired of listening to myself.

For me this is about forwarding the human experiment. There’s a reason they let you sign waivers before you join studies and such. You can’t sign up to a study and refuse to take the pills. Why? Cos just like with Islam lives depend on the results thats why!

Thought and ideas are our most powerful inventions, we must all work at kaizen, continuous refinement. The heretics here are the ones who advocate closing the cannon — don’t touch Mohammed, don’t touch abortion, don’t touch X. It happened with Catholicism until Aquinas came along.

May be it’s just me but this is a classroom and you shut up and listen when others are speaking AND answer their questions when they are done, that’s how you pay your way.

Ignoring people is the highest insult, for me the ultimate degradation. There’s an anecdote about the era of slavery that when a white man came to see a prostitute they’d continue fucking if a black attendant came in to drop something off. Yep, in that time he was like a dog. Nobody stops mid-stroke cos they heard a cock crow!

So yeah, an ‘I hear you.’ would be nice!

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