Yeah I read that too and found the self-control to leave it alone because the fins were everywhere praising her on how insightful and wonderful her dissection of ‘patriarchy’ was. Other times I would have just dove in with the sharks and laughed at the emperors nakedness.

I’ve arrived at this; it’s both emotional and practical intelligence. There are people who are told what the world should be like by professors with tenure. They are shown how wonderful they and their professors are; how much better it’ll be if they went into the world and ‘proclaimed their good news’.

They are often the same people like Bertrand Russel fighting for nuclear disarmament and an ‘end to the hegemony’. Once you see them for who they are you can tell them a mile away!

They come out into the world and try to create that vision they were shown on slides. They despise anyone who does not share their vision or praise their courage.

There are others who realize the only way to change the world, anything for that matter — if at all, is to accept it, to embrace it, to be grateful for it. All of it. The ugliness also. Especially the ugliness. The racists. The drug addicts. The pregnant teens. The high-strung. Men and women with ‘compromised morals’. Beauty and the beautiful takes care of itself.

These ‘anointed’; you can try but seldom get through to. The vision is consumptive; their sacrifice to uphold it looms so large in their distorted reality that nothing you can say or do can convince them otherwise. As Thomas Sowell said; to disagree with them is not merely to be misguided or be uneducated but to be evil. Evil.

Racism exists, as an idea. All practical people know it cannot be helped. I’ve read so many studies on it it’s boring to me now. However and here’s the kicker it’s in peoples heads. You can’t change what’s in peoples heads. Discrimination on the other hand, that’s the conversation we should be having.

It concerns how those ideas in peoples heads come alive to harm people of a certain class. Economics is what we should be worried about. And there you’ll find that it matters little what the man thinks of me and my skin color. Because money is the great equalizer!

The fact that a racist owner of an NBA team would employ people he despised shows us where the battle lines are drawn. The problem is that these people want to change what’s in peoples heads, how they feel — strike at the root.

Milton Friedman and the Chicago school showed that discrimination is far more important, more damaging than what ‘the whites think about the niggers’. How do we ensure that institutions who can afford to discriminate; generally public institutions are not structured to hide systemic discrimination?

You know why these people still prefer the conversation around ‘racism’? It’s an endless treasure trove of minor misappropriations and opportunities ready for exploitation. It provides as Sowell said, the ruling elite of these races — from India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia to Nigeria and South Africa with a need to exist.

If you haven’t read his case studies; you’ll be shocked how simple and stupid real racism is. How little creativity it has but above all where to attack it. As long as Jesse Jackson can whip up public fervor against ‘the system’ at some rally of yet another teen however vague they have relevance.

Black people hate to hear it, all people who are discriminated against in fact he shows; some at least. Do you know how low the bar is in America to find and live a decent life? Don’t be a criminal and get an education. That’s how low the bar is.

Someone is going to come here and show me how this completely misses ‘the every day racism’ and I’m going to foam at the mouth, lol! They are going to tell me how horrible their every day lives are at Harvard, Harvard! Or Yale! Or U Penn! They are the ones who insult the legacy of terror and sheer brutality of real Jim Crow racism.

I call them practitioners of homeopathic racial therapy! They promise us that there’s still power in the potion. That with their microscopes and polygraphs they can tell a racist from an online statement! Heck they can tell one from whether or not they ‘liked’ their post!

They are going to correct me with Henri Louis Gates, Dr. King maybe throw in a Malcolm or Douglas quote or depending on pedigree Fanon, Haile Selassie, Nkrumah and Marcus Garvey. They might mention Lumumba and in recent developments CIA’s cooperation over Mandela’s arrest. I have nothing to say to them; the conversation at that point is beyond redemption.

You know what doesn’t help, the kind of white person you are not. That’s right. The ‘forever guilty white person’; who also fulfills the fantasy of always being the race that recognizes the ‘terrible atrocities done across the diaspora’. He’s the real instigator and protector of the hegemony! He’s shows how little respect and real contempt he has for ‘them’

He recognizes the faults of his forebears; thinks reparation is in order. Might even campaign for the removal of statues! He’s appalled that ‘poor, innocent, indigenous people’ have been exploited by corrupt white men who came for gold, diamonds and ivory!

I could point them to the archives of Ashanti Kings lobbying for slavery to enrich themselves. But alas; by then the teeth are set and the jowls re-enforced, crooked but hardened. The child, now become man can rip out your throat with his malformed teeth.

How can one bear to break the leg again to set it right? To inflict the trauma? So I hide in the libraries they refuse to use and sing me an old Negro Spiritual! Haha!

Man it’s a trip. I forget who said it but I’m laughing so hard because I’ve ran out of tears!

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