Thank you Anogoya Dagaate

You know what I can’t get past recently?

Why men want bigger dicks?

Think about it. . .

Pleasure, like power generation requires sub-optimal

Occupation of available manouvre space right?

Sex is impossible without room to

back into for the recoil — I checked!

No pleasure as we know it if the vagina were shallower

Than the penis.

Pistons without expansion room post-combustion

Every engineer’s nightmare

Since the last girl my evenings are shit

You know, devolution into cold-bloodedness

My greatest pleasures however comes from the

Availability of this space for peak energy cycles.

Expansion into what remains

For explorative soul-searching, artistic creativity and leisure

Maybe it’s why medieval penitents tortured

Themselves — what relief rivals the cessation

Of punishment, even self-inflicted?

A woman as a permanent fixture in my life

Is the abnegation of this space for those

Pleasures which are dearest to my temperament

Otherwise occupied as is often the case by pair-bonding.

I think this is why I enjoy you so much; from each

Thrust I can complete clear your shores in preparation for

The next wave. I can almost un-know you fully

Isn’t this also why Jesus asks the rich man to give

His wealth to the poor? Who, of necessity have the

Longest stroke of any for the pleasures it can procure?

For maximization of human happiness we could

Convulse humanity — the universe, in orgasmic pulsations

If we’d lift all the poor from poverty!

There was thread in the machine — now

Our two layers are held by the needles travel path

alone, fucking pathetic!

TL;DR A big dick means no closet sex — who wants that?

Also, Jesus!

P.S None of this if I’d gotten laid last night!

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