You’ll do well to stand clear, she said.

I’m a conductor and these clouds are pregnant

In this one man it lives again which died in us all

That by his stripes life lost now by resurrection should live

There’s what can’t be unseen and to this end we must forget

Rather blind than dead

Who says you can’t go home, even when you’ve forgotten the way?

Imagine a world without mirrors, just eyes self unseen.

Only so much beauty we can account for.

Sated on our own there remains witness for none else.

The worlds stock is always appreciating, our own always depreciating.

Who is the wise investor?

Don’t invest in yourself! Ever! Value remains without

Physician heal thyself! Let all the dying sing!

Their’s alone is the ticket to a renewal without error!

Where all the copies are true and burdens halved!

Love thine neighbor, hate thine household!

Nobodies enemies ever accused of the possession of a third arm!

Travel what remains without me

It’s also foolishness to perish in company.

Die for me or live without me!

The first to make a fool of themselves leads!

Dancing at the edge of Vesuvius

Listen! Choirs with crescendo sustained

Beneath, the damned suspended in painful consummation of the orgy

The dead envy no one, no, not the living!

Pilots watching in awe the symphony of a tethered world with silver chord unbroken

Everything yields to change, even God yields to time.

It’s a fearful arrogance to be alone.