Quiz me with Quizlet — EID100 Review

Do you have to study but just hate staring at a piece of paper? Fear no more, Quizlet is here to save you!

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So you might be wondering what is Quizlet?

Quizlet is an online learning tool that makes studying easy and fun through various learning tools such as flash cards, quizzes, games and more all for free. Quizlet can be used on the web and is compatible for use through its Quizlet app available for mobile devices.

Quizlet offers a variety of features and functions that allows this online tool to help meet the different learning styles of its consumers.

Here are a couple of Quizlet’s key functions:

Learn: The ability to test your knowledge with the program adapting to your learning progress with differing levels of complexity in its questions
Flashcards: Turns your terms and definitions into an online set of flash cards
Write: Be able to write out terms and definitions of concepts given one or the other
Spell: Try spelling out specific terms and hear how they’re said
Test: Test your knowledge by transforming information into multiple choice/match questions
Gravity: Test your knowledge through a space game while trying to beat the clock
Diagram: Create images and label elements /features

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Using Quizlet to make my EID Review Set

When I used Quizlet to make a practice review of the last couple lectures I noticed that it was actually a fairly easy process. You first begin by creating an account using your e-mail, Facebook, or registering and then can begin to input terms and definitions related to your chapter/topic. I then created a study set that contained some examples and terms from the EID 100 course and then finished the term set. The set was now available to be transformed to perform a variety of functions such as flash cards, a quiz, and even a game, all usable through the top feature bar. Here is my quiz, start studying!

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