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An Ly
An Ly
Jun 22, 2017 · 3 min read

Dear Zuora CPQ (fka Zuora for Salesforce) admins,

You are some of the most enthusiastic and technically savvy Zuora users around and we take your feedback seriously.

Over the past year, this is what we’ve been hearing:

  1. Your Sales deals are getting more complicated — You have multi-year deals where products, quantities and prices are all changing and you need an easy way to manage them
  2. Your contract terms are getting longer — Customers are signing up for 5+ year terms with lots of changes in between so you need a way to smartly manage dozens of amendments in a single quote
  3. Your discounting game is strong — Sales reps are getting creative with their pricing and you need to provide them with sophisticated subscription metrics that accurately reflect discounts

We heard you loud and clear and have changed in a BIG BIG way.

Please allow me to introduce to you, Zuora CPQ 8.X!

Zuora CPQ is the only product purpose-built for subscription companies. That means supporting pricing models like usage and time based accounts, quote types like upgrades, suspensions and ramps as well as subscription metrics for sales compensation plans.

Here are the top 5 highlights:

  1. Ramp Deals

Now you can book complex multi-part deal arrangements over any time period. Whether you’re ramping up the quantity, price, or swapping out different products, you can easily do it all in a single screen.

2. Exponentially more Amendments

No more time wasted stringing together multiple amendments. You can now do it all in a single order and never have to worry about amendment limits again.

3. Net of Discount Metrics

This is most definitely a household favorite. Your subscription metrics such as MRR and TCV are all now inclusive of discounts and amendments. We’ve even added a brand new metric, Total Contracted Billing (TCB) to help you with sales forecasting and compensation planning. As always, every metric is calculated for you in real-time and readily available for reporting.

4. Rules

A fully configurable Rules is enabling you with greater automation and control of your quoting experience especially as it relates to pricing and keeping you from proliferating your product catalog.

You can configure rules to automatically add, remove or update products on your quote based on your business criteria. For example, when I don’t have Product X, please include Product Y. Or, update the price of Product X to be Y% of Product Z.

5. Bundling

With Bundling, you can create any kind of edition bundle or offer directly in Salesforce without sacrificing your control and automation over how your Sales Reps order products. For example, Bundle X contains Group 1 (3 add-ons) and Group 2 (another 3 add-ons). Bundling also allows you to master your Zuora Product Catalog in Salesforce so you can programmatically control your Product Catalog synchronization.

And just for good measure…

Zuora CPQ 8.X, as a 100% native salesforce.com solution, is Lightning certified making your entire quoting experience seamlessly beautiful.

Check out the 5-min demo from our Director of Product, Nathan Creswell below!

An Ly

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An Ly

Product Marketing @Zuora