He had sent her to the mall with $100 and told her to get herself something. Whatever she wanted. She called a friend and they went together. She had picked out something for herself and her and her friend went out to lunch. She returned home a couple hours later. She walked into their place and noticed it was unusually dark. The only source of light were about 30 candles or so. They were different sizes and shapes. She called out, “Daddy? Are you home?” She heard him reply, “I’m in our room.” She walked back to their room, opened the door and saw him standing there in a suit.

She loved the way he looked in a suit. It was black with a white shirt and a ocean blue tie. This color combination went well with his eyes she thought. The room was dark with numerous candles all about. On the bed were three gift wrapped boxes of various sizes. The first was a small rectangular box with a deep red wrapping paper and a white bow. The second was slightly larger box but more flat, as if it contained clothes. It was wrapped in a light pink wrapping paper with a white bow. The last box was square and wrapped in a dark green wrapping paper.

“You can choose one of these three gifts right now and we will use whatever is inside of it.” He said.

“What about the other two?” She replied.

“I’m making the rules, choose one now, and we’ll discuss the other two later.”

“This is so exciting. I’m scared.” She said half laughing.

“Why on earth would you be scared of this?” He laughed “Just pick one”

She walked to the bed and picked up each box, shaking them to see if she could guess what was inside. She had chosen the pink one. She opened it and inside was a black lace bra and panty set with thigh high stockings and garter belts.

“It’s beautiful”, she said.

“I’ll leave the room so you can put it on.” He said.

He picked up the other two boxes and left the room. She changed into the gift he had got her. She opened the door and called to him that she had changed. She closed it and stood next to the bed. After a minute the door opened and her Daddy stepped inside.

“Wow. You look so amazing in that.” He gushed

She blushed and smiled

“You are so beautiful. To me you are perfect.”

He walked to her and put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him. They kissed. Deeply and passionately. He slid his arms around her back and pulled her closer to him. She could feel his already hard cock press against her. It made her want him more. Her hands went up to hold his face as they kissed. She gently bit his lip. His hands went to her ass and squeezed it.

She started to undress him. First his coat. Then she loosened his tie and removed it. He stepped back as she unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. She undid his pants and let them fall to the floor so he could step out of them. He was naked in front of her. She lowered herself to her knees and took his cock in her hand. She kissed it.

“I love you Daddy.” She said in a kind of whisper.

She took his cock into her mouth. Almost completely. Her eyes looked up at him as she held him inside her. She pushed her head forward so all of him was in her mouth. She swallowed so her throat would tighten around it. His head went back at the pleasure of this. He moaned and lowered his head so he could stare into her eyes. She moved her head back and forth. Each time his cock went completely inside her mouth. Every so often she’d take it out so she could breathe. He loved the way she sucked his cock. No one had ever done it as good as her.

He stood her up and the kissed. He grabbed her shoulders and turned her so he could push her up against the wall. He pressed hard against her so she couldn’t move . Kissing her. His hands went down to the garter belts. He undid them and pulled her panties down. She stepped one leg out and he forced her legs open. He rubbed her pussy which was already soaking wet. He pulled his hand up and licked it so he could taste her. He put his hand back on her and slid a finger inside. Rubbing the top of her pussy and touching her g-spot. This made her hips shake. His other arm was crossed against her chest holding her in place while he pleasured her.

She reached for his cock. Stroking it.

“Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy”

He took her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She could feel his hard cock against her pussy. She wiggled to try and get it in. He used his had to guide it into her pussy. They stood there, her pressed against the walls, fucking.

After a bit he let her down and laid on the bed. He guided her till she was straddling his face. He put his hands on her thighs and pulled her down so he could eat her pussy. She started moving back and forth. Writhing on his face. Spreading her pussy all over it. Her head thrown back in pleasure. As she grabbed her tits and squeezed. She hunched forward and gabbed his hair, moving his head to where she wanted it and then began to move back and forth. Faster and faster. Until she came. All over his face. Her body shook and she was out of breath. She got off of his face and immediately began kissing him. Tasting her own orgasm. She moved down so she could ride his cock.

“Wait.” He said.

He stood up and made her stand up. He turned her around and made her bend over at the waist. He pushed his cock inside her hard. He slammed so hard there was a slapping sound against her perfect ass. He repeated this over and over. Going faster. He had a handful of her hair he was using it to pull her into him. She felt his cock shake and get harder inside her. She knew he was about to explode.

He pulled out and she got on her knees in front of him. He put his cock on her tongue and let her grab it. She jerked him off until he came. His cum shooting into her mouth. Hitting the back of her throat. She squeezed every last bit out of his cock. She sat back and swallowed.

“That was the best Daddy.” She smiled.

The collapsed into bed. He lay on his back she rested her head on his chest. He gently ran his finger tips up and down the entire length of her body.

“Hey.” She said. “What was in the other boxes?”

“Guess.” He replied.

“Uh……..I have no idea.”

“Well, the red box has a new vibrator for you.” He said.

“Daddy!” She was happy.

“And the other one….uh, I bought you a lot of weed.” He laughed.

She sat up.


“Why would I lie about that?”

She got up and went into the living room naked to get the boxes. She brought them back to the room. They smoked. After a while he used her new toy on her, making her cum two more times. After a while, they fell asleep.

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