And after comes water

like rain on dry land

and leaves you that thirsty

Like you never drank

That love the first days

it’s just like concern

so brutal, so real

so unhuman, so unreal

Drugs help us feel strange

when lights go off

and love just expired

like feces in gloss

Being rough

keeps clean the outdoor

while shows your worse brother

who lives in us all

Being true

means being real

like naked overall

like sprouts and old roots

like rotten new born

Who lost

the sun around the moon

who gave us the pleasure

to enjoy tonight

if sun once shined

Who gave us the right

to be shallow and wrong

and why this conclusion

doesn’t write every wall

Why confusion is hell

while dumb reasons draw heaven

and people exchange them

in conviction with maven

Like gold mine in dark

like chicken and duck

true stories sound dwell (living)

marie and marielle

these lines are for fun

for yours and for mine

but don’t undermine

the other words which now fly