The universe is full of dots. Connect the right ones and you can draw anything. The important question is not whether the dots you picked are really there, but why you chose to ignore all the others — Sam Thompson

When I ended my previous post on Jio and its…

People who are talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence) automating programming have never really written serious code. Coding is thinking. Its automating thinking. An AI that can program as well, or better than humans is an AI that took over the world. That’s endgame. That’s the end of the human species…


With the introduction of its cryptocurrency Libra and a new subsidiary Calibra, Facebook has laid its ambitions bare. Of particular note is the mission statement of Calibra, ‘make money work for everyone’, which seems a little less conspicuous than ‘making the world more open and connected’.

Ashwin Kumar

Part time Netflix Resident. Part time writer.

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