NY Observer: Sharpton and Rangle say Cuomo Dems Best Chance in 2020

The New York Observer is reporting that Rev. Al Shapton and former Congressman Charles Rangle agree that Gov. Andrew Cuomo(D-NY) is the Democrats best chance for taking the White House in 2020.

The two black leaders and sometime rivals offered effusive praise for the governor after he appeared in Harlem Monday to sign legislation forbidding prosecutors from trying 16- and 17-year-olds as adults in misdemeanor and most nonviolent felony cases. The new law marked the latest leftward lurch by the onetime centrist, who has also rolled out a host of infrastructure plans and instated a full scholarship program at public colleges for students from upper-middle-class to low-income backgrounds. -Will Bredderman , NY Observer
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Photo Credit: Wiki Commons)

While the governor’s recent support of free public college for families earning less than $120k/year is certainly a step in the right direction, the legislation still leaves a lot to be desired. One need look no further than the 2014 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary to see Cuomo is not fit for the highest office in the land.

The Working Families Party, a liberal power broker centered in New York and now operating in more than a dozen states, searched in the years leading up to the primary for a candidate to challenge the governor. Many had been approached, but no one dared to challege the governor, who is know for being petty and vindictive man with a fragile ego behind closed doors. No one that is, until finally till Zephyr Teachout agreed to rise to the occasion. For her bravery, the WFP failed to endorse her at their own convention. The unions that supported the party turned the convention into a fight for the endorsement, and, out of fear of retribution should he(as he was assure to) win re-election, the unions caved, cowered, and fell in line. Cuomo secured the nomination of the WFP. In turn, Teachout ran in the Democratic primary, and arguably almost won, pulling 35% as an unknown candidate against a ‘popular’ sitting governor who outspent her 40–1. (Editorial note: Writer Dave Handy worked for the WFP from 2011–2012, and worked for Ms. Teachout and Tim Wu in 2014)

Cuomo’s bullying has most recently surfaced while fighting with NYC mayor Bill de Blasio over any number of issues but most recently what to do with Rikers Island(de Blasio, by the way, helped Cuomo secure the nomination of the Working Families Party in 2014. Indeed, no good deed with the governor goes unpunished). When Cuomo’s approval rating is high enough, the governor conducts himself like a crime boss; he deals with and threatens enemies and allies alike, with a ‘his way or the highway’ approach. And while Cuomo’s political maneuvering is business as usual for New York politics, the toxic mixture of his scandalous past, as well as his tepid policy positions, make him unfit under any circumstances to run for president.

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