Now Native April update

Deliver quality mobile ads with Now Native. Always viewed by humans.

  • 642k human, viewed, mobile ads delivered. (+53% m/om)
  • Integrated with Pubmatic to bring in quality demand.
  • Nominated as one of the ‘World’s Hottest Tech Startups’ at Festival of Media Global in Rome. HERE.
  • View our full page pre-content ads HERE.
  • Why aren’t all ads viewed? Read HERE.

What’s next?

  • Top down. We’re looking to learn from Premium Publishers who are doing plenty of direct deals. How are they ensuring they deliver quality ads for their advertisers?
  • Bottom up. We’re representing our publisher network and educating buyers on why Now Native inventory is quality.

Can you help?

  • Supply. Publishers & Media Owners. We’d love to know how you’re selling your inventory programmatically. Are viewability, waterfalls, latency and fraud big problems? And how are you tackling them currently? Any expertise/Introductions here would be great.
  • Demand. Agency trading desks or DSPs. We’re looking to have introductory conversations about the ads we’re delivering for our partners.


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