Poem: little voice in my head

Where have you been hiding?
I thought we were done.
I locked you away years ago,
I thought you were gone.

No, you can’t do this,
Don’t do that.
Listen to me,
“Are you having a laugh?”

You can’t draw,
write or sing.
I said you weren’t very good,
“What’s that awful thing?”

They’ll laugh at you,
you know.
They’ll point too,
“I told you so”

Stick to what you’re good at,
This is who you are!
Don’t change,
and you won’t go far…

Try it if you want…
I won’t stop you.
You’ll get hurt,
embarrassed too

That wasn’t too bad,
Actually, that was good.
“Go on, go tell Dad.”

Aren’t you proud,
aren’t you clever?
You changed,
Better late than never.

So what was stopping you?
From being so free,
Oh, I’m sorry,
“It was me”