No, I did not allow anyone to make any baseless accusations.
Nick Farr

Hi Nick,

I really appreciate your work on the LT at the CCC. You really pulled a lot of weight with the organization and making people to adhere to the rules of the talks. I have watched them over the IRC and really enjoyed them.

About Jake, whether it’s true or not he’s an US agent, it was my gut feeling for some years already. Especially when he talked about the Snowden leaks and people stood up and applauded him. That was something I have never seen before on CCC. Others on the IRC also agreed it was a bit too much. From the European perspective, it was quite an American response.

Regardless of this, the surrounding events and in retrospective, it follows the patterns of the infiltration of the independent groups by the US government.

It has been reported many times, that anti-government movements are infiltrated by the FBI agents by “leader types” of people, that take over the movement, change it’s direction and finally disintegrate it.

Jake stopped contributing to the Tor codebase in 2011, he has one commit from 2015, yet he was usually present at the presentations about Tor. Now he has stepped down, but really, he wasn’t very active in the development anymore for quite some time. He was more of an attractive poster child. Mr. Dingledine is the brains behind the Tor, but he might not be perceived as a good PR person by the masses. And some of his recommendations about the usage of Tor and resolutions of security problems (such as all nodes in the circuit being in the same country) are also quite questionable.

Previously, even Wikileaks had a similar issue with Daniel Domscheit-Berg who has deleted the files regarding the BND connection with the Neo-Nazi groups in Germany. This connection has been speculated about for many years, and BND even destroyed the evidence regarding this connection. This led to the head of the BND to step down.

So, in conclusion, thanks for all your hard work. The infiltration of antigovernment, grey-area groups by the governments is real and one should be wary, especially with charismatic leaders that pop out of nowhere and get their fame out of nowhere.

I might be wrong and paranoid, but I refuse to jump on the bandwagon of rockstars just for the sake of being a part of the majority.

Best of luck.

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