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I think you misunderstood my point.

At the time we have a case before any supervisor the company is losing money — regardless if the claim is valid or not!

Now, I’m totally okay with valid claims like that somebody touched somebody inappropriately — I don’t advocate for employees to get harassed, but I heard cases like this:
A woman was upset because behind her chair wasn’t enough space and a male co-worker asked her to move so he could reach his desk.
That is not harassment, that’s normal work ethic that you make space for others to do their job… — and her explanation was that as a woman she shouldn’t be obligated to move for a man because that would be sexist. Sorry but NO. It is not sexist to treat co-workers as co-workers!

You can choose to be equal or you choose to be the “weaker sex” but you can’t cherry pick every time what suits you best and that is exactly what is happening right now…

If a document of 10 pages full of writing can upset you or others so much you need a sick day, you would be useless in a company environment… My history lessons in my school were more disturbing than the Google memo.

These are the things I talk in my article about — and the problem is not even that they do it, but that it is expected that we all should now make room for such behavior… Why should we? Why should anybody?

If you want to get upset about the political views of a co-worker you can do that in your own free time. Everybody demands the same from male workers as well.

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