Corona Sips the Lips

Corona sips the lips
Releases soapy water of limon that sweetens the tongue
Mouth shivers from bottle
Its cold, chilling air
Buzzinzes energizes
Eyes droomy, feeling heavy,
Keep lashes open, im ready

Ubuckle the belt,
Lashing it, creates that whippy clap,
Leaves echos in the walls
Im hard,
Blood clots in my third hand
Ready to march and up for battle

Your mouth engulfes me
Warmness as a blanket covering my body
Slurping lips, wrestling with my head
Tongue circling, trying to knot and connect
I pull your hair, circling it around my finger
Clench it,
Pull you down
Your face descending, neck pressed against my pelvis
I push up,
Hips up with full force
You gag,
gurgling sound
drowning, seeking air,
you pull up
No wait
Hold it
Let go,
Rise up, hungry for air
breathing from nose,
huffing with puffs of saliva dripping

Break is over
Back down
Stroking the head, see white drips from your tongue
It rains
Dripping waterfalls of white spit falling
Moaning with pleasure
Tickling sensation
Cum building, waiting to be released
Holding it
Your mouth becomes a vacuum on the next level,
Stroking game
Ur hand having a seizure on me
My breath shakes,
Trying to catch air
Your tongue does the deal
You slap it with the opening
I can’t hold much longer
I moan, yell but no noise
Push ur head down,
Hips thrust ur mouth
I shake,
Shoot electricity that shock me each time
I flood u
But you continue
Gulping buckets like your drinking water on a hot ass day,
Man your thirsty
I finish my seizure
My head swollen with happiness
You suck it dry, leaving now the air to wet it,
Lay down,
Take a sip of the corona,
Leaves my mouth,
Taste the limon,
My turn