It was the Alcohol

Alcohol in mouth
Flowing down throat,
Smooth as skins compacted in frisk
Drink, drink,
Until visions become dreams of blurriness,
I still see you
Undressing you to reveal perfects of beauty
Nibbling neck and breast until it hardens like fire burns passion
Pour alcohol down your stomach to create traffic,
Lick vodka mixed with skin of beauty down to your cherry
Tongue in you,
Fingers intact
Thirsty for red orange juices that quench to be squeezed

I still see you,
Another shot
One more,
Tongues touch, creates knots of strings that flow miles down your body
Body shaking,
Warmth brings me comfort,
I enter
Bodies touching,
thrusting as one
Pelvis touching, hands holding you as I grow bigger inside
My strength is yours
Tell me how hard

Animales en la cama,
Como perros in el noche
Barking in night
Slapping ass to cause you pleasure
Moaning harder as I rage inside you
Bite neck it feels too good
Full strength, full force,
You moan with pleasure
Sweat dripping like your wetness
I can’t believe this

Lay down
My body on top of yours,
We feel as one,
We are one,
Bodies in one another,
Slow and hard
I feel it,
Pressures upon me,
Excitement as the ride is almost over
I moan your name,
Release my cum in your beauty
We breath, gasp for air
Alcohol in mouth
One last wetness

How bout round 2?

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