Dying human.

You can imagine how would it feel to be a 24 year old human who cannot express his phenomenal ideas to the world. I do believe that language is one of the most important tool of our generation which can transform the world that we live in. It can cure. It can also kill.

I am an immigrant who moved from country named Nepal. Always wanting to go to IV league or private school, here in states, wasn’t enough. I realized after a decade. Even though I couldn’t afford to go to a community college or a state university at this point of life, I never gave up nor I will, for my passion for literature, specially writing.

Emailing hundreds of professor asking help, from small community college to Harvard University didn’t gave me a luck. Still I haven’t given up. Instead I decided to write this post to ask anyone and everyone for help.

I would like to be in touch with someone who can give me small assignments, to write, once or twice a week. Then I will email you back with my writing, then you can make correction or share what you think needs to be improved.

Your small help can change my life.

shoot me email @ subodhss23@gmail.com