Vyvanse and my homie

I have been living with some dudes that I have never known in my life. It is like a bootcamp to be Business Analyst. Seeing lot of people with hope to make good amount of money as entry level business analyst, made me more determined toward my journey.

Dropping out from formal educational institution, lacking finance, didn’t felt good at all. Even being strong believer of formal education wasn’t enough, I realized.

Training has finished already. Some of my classmates got job in best financial institution.I have been waiting on what we call bench and doing regular marketing for job interviews. But I am not satisfied. I want to go to school and want to create something which will benefit whole human kind. I was always that kind of person who wanted to create things, and who wanted to help fellow humans.

I have one classmate who just came from oversea, about a year ago. One of his friend recommended him to go see psychiatrist. To get Vyvanse. He now takes Vyvanse 60mg on regular basis. Twice a day. Today he told me that someone has implant a chip inside his brain. He tired to explain what is it used for. He thinks that those information are used by some people for entertainment. He think he’s a part of some reality show. I have tried to explain him what I think about it, multiple times. I have asked him to go see his doctor and tell him what is happening.He says that it is 100% real. He also has a fear that the doctor might cut off his medication.

When I was going school, and around my house, few of my homies were taking similar prescribed drugs like Vyvanse and Aderall. They looked happy when you talk with them. But when you start making deeper conversation about life, future and happiness with them you realize they are lost. I think, to come back from that state of mind, back to normal state, it would be very tough.

Is medication like Vyvanse and Aderall really helping our youths who are supposed to be pillars of our world. Who were supposed to enjoy literature, music and nature. Are we moving on the right direction??