How long does it take to get over a loss or tragedy or anything upsetting? I don’t think it takes time .. I think it’s more of a good days and bad days scenario. Like one day the world is crashing down around you and that feeling of misery sets in .. and then the next day you could be fine. What separates these days? What makes the universe decide that “okay, today he’s gonna be cool”? Is it will and understanding or is it pure luck? Do you wake up some days and just accept your situation? Or is it some greater power giving you the strength to get through a day? Either way I always wonder why today? I should probably just go with it and not question the good days when they come around. It’s just after so many bad days I find it hard to trust a good day. Like reality is just around the corner waiting to let you know that your good day is just a one off. These days are so special that Ice Cube wrote a fricking song about it! I’ve been having good days lately and it’s actually more nerve wrecking than bad ones! At least when things are bad you have no expectations! I’m now waiting on my good spell to end and for the universe to jump out and be like .. “awh I got you motherfucker!” .. but until then I’m gonna try sit back and enjoy this .. try and accept it before its over. Good days bring you hope and motivation. It’s a pity I could have more of them. Three weeks into my breakup and this is the sort of philosophy that I’m coming out with .. I genuinely thought I was actually smarter less annoying. Anyway moral of this “passage” .. try and enjoy the good days few and far between, even if all them bad days make them hard to accept.

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