My Favorite

All the things I love about you would take a lifetime to write but here are few. I love they way you always jump into your PJ’s straight after a hard day at work. I love your curly hair that is impossibly cute and smells of the conditioner you’ve used for like 10 years. I love your laugh the way your eyes meet your cute Alvin cheeks when you find something very funny. I love how soft you are head to toe. I love how smart you are and we can have real conversations. I love how sarcastic you are because being nice would be too cheesy for you. I love how we can sit in a room and enjoy each other without saying a word. I love how effortless it is when we’re in a good place. I love how after all this time I want you more and more everyday. I love how motivated you are and how much of a girlboss you’ve become. I love that you’re so strong and stubborn even if it hurts me. I love how creative you are and how you inspire others around you. I love wrapping my arms around you while you fall asleep. I love waking up to you and snuggling in for another 10 mins. I love how you mix up your words and finish the sentence anyway. I love how I instantly feel calm and relaxed around you. I love all my memories of you and our long history. I love your family like they were mine. I love how you see right through me and always try to make me be better. I love how I feel when I’m with you because you always make me happy. I love loving you and I hate that you don’t. I miss you .. my favorite.

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