Want Success ? Put the right ingredient in the recipe.

I don’t have magic for you.

I have the recipe to make your life successful. Life is difficult. Accept it. Accept the fact which you can’t change. I know what other people think about you. It really doesn’t matter. You have to believe in yourself. You can become most successful person on earth. I know you have potential to be a king/queen. I live like there is no tomorrow. Even you can do that. We have limited time on earth. Our mind thinks we can survive thousands years. But the truth is our body can’t stay in good physical condition after 80 years. Huh? Old age. I write to reach the stage where you don’t need me anymore. My believe in you is so strong that I always forget that you can even fail in the journey to success. I don’t want you to try. I want you to do it. You can achieve your dreams. There is only one ingredient for success : Action. Take action and success will be yours. Put 10,000 hours to become the master in your field.

Are you ready for that ?

Are you excited about the journey ?

Your life is a gift. Don’t throw it away. Hustle. Go out and work on your dreams.