Crush on my friends boyfriend? Do you guys remember S from my last story? Well I have another story about S so here it goes. S and I were good friends. He was dating one of my very very close friends. Well after me and S being such close friends for such a long time I started to develop feelings for him. I told my best friend in the whole world. Her name is Grace. (She doesn’t mind me using her name in the story) Anyways I was going crazy. I told S that I liked 3 guys and he guessed 2 but I wouldn’t tell him the third. He told his girlfriend her name is GB and she started asking me about it. She guessed S and at first I said no then I said yes and then before I could tell her not to tell S, she did. That is where it all took a turn for the worst. He acted like everything was fine at first, but within a week he had blocked me on snapchat and stopped texting me. I was so so upset because we used to be such good friends. I asked him to unblock me and he just wouldn’t respond. I would ask why he was mad at me and he wouldn’t respond. This went on for months and then one day I got a video. S and a few of my other guy friends went to the pool together. I got a video from one of them. It was a video of S saying that he hated me. I knew he felt awkward around me but hated me? At this point I started to cry. I sent a picture back saying haha or I hate him too lol, but I was really really hurt inside. I went up to my room and cried. I was devastated so I told his gf, GB. After months of me feeling a little sad about how S hated me, GB talked to him and told him to unblock me. Of course I still felt sad and knew it would never be the same. He still didn’t like me and he just did it because his gf asked him too. We still don’t talk that much, but I texted him after the M incident because he is friends with M. Please tell me what you think in the comments below.

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