Today, I messed up. I probably do this more often than not, but today especially I really screwed up an important friendship. Since this blog is anonymous I can’t say any names, but I will make one up. This guy, we’ll call him M, told me he could never talk to me again. This only happened because last night my friend and I decided to prank him. We messed around with him and he got mad. He started saying bad things and we kept messing with him. He got so so mad, but we kept on going. Then he told us his friend had just died. At first we thought it was a prank so we kept poking fun at him but then I thought just for a second that he was telling the truth so I apologized. He told me that he would never be able to speak to me again and that I was a horrible person. I then went to my other guy friend who is friends with M, we can call him S. He told me that I was an awful person and that I should feel very bad about what I did. I kept apologizing to M over and over again but nothing helped. He kept reading my texts and not responding. So I went to another friend and asked her. Her name is G. She said to text him and apologize which is not very helpful. So basically I decided to text the guy and say that “I feel bad, but I can’t keep feeling bad because I tried to say sorry and if he couldn’t forgive me that was his problem.” Was that the right thing to say or no? He read my text but still hasn’t responded. Anyone have any good ideas for me? Has this happened to anyone else because I feel like I’m the only one.

xoxo anonymous_blogger_0909