When Josh met Trudy who knew it would lead to Fraud, theft and so much anger in small cornish village?

Oh it used to be so twee, back in the early days when Trudy met Josh looking through these early posts we see Josh starry eyed fresh from his ballonatics with Edward bishop (poor ed written out of josh’s history already ) and starting on the journey with Trudy that will eventually lead to a prison cell for Fraud. [soon josh, soon]

What a life eh? trudy kindly letting Josh have a desk in Albion works for “free” and inadvertently josh making it look like trudy is meeting her stated aim of helping “da yoof” for free. It was a match made in heaven he got help for his freebie jaunts and she got a pretty boy to help raise funds from a certain demographic that was out of her reach.

Win win as a real entrepreneur might say we would love to have video of those early talks by josh or audio if you have it !