Pareto Network and EndoTech for dummies: A manual

Up until now I have been wetting your appetite for the Pareto Network platform, the thought leader in tokenomics/cryptonomics, crypto valuation theory, and economic theory as related to crypto investment portfolios. However, I realized that I have not yet made a simple explanation on how to use it and get the best out of it. Simple as it is, sometimes the thing holding us back the most from making life-changing decisions, is our lack of motivation to find out how things work. I mean it took me a year before I finally said to my good friend, who kept bugging me to get into crypto, “okay then, show me how to do this, what do I need to do first”. A year I had been postponing and procrastinating a simple action, which if I had not, I would now be a multi millionaire. Just let that sink in. A year went by before I finally mustered the courage to get over my laziness and find out how to make an account on exchanges, how to buy BTC, how to transfer between wallets, and how to trade coins. I know most of you are laughing right now, partly because of recognition, partly because it took me a year to find out things that were so simple. Imagine, I got a PhD and it still cost me that much amount of time to make a life changing decision. So that’s why I don’t judge you for still not having logged into Pareto Network. However, after this article, and the clearly explained manual below, you will have no excuses left, your faith will be effectively in your hands. You decide what to do with it.

Like I said I discovered Pareto not so long ago and had been reading some info on the project. It was a difficult mental feat to really understand what the hype was about. Since there was no insight info, screenshots, or people I knew who already tried it out, I would only understand the hype if I would check it out myself. Like the pearly gates of heaven, a new world unfolded before my eyes. Information so valuable I wanted to lock it away in a mysterious box. This was exactly what I needed when I was slowly approaching my ‘crypto burnout’.

I’ll just show how the platform works to tease you a bit. I can’t tell you a lot now because to really experience it, you should check it out yourself too. Luckily, trying out the platform now is for free, optimal opportunity to decide for yourself if it would be usable for you or not. Optimal chance to take profit of without spending money yet!

Let start at the very beginning. First off you want to log in to get access to the Pareto Network platform. To make this first step a success, you will need Metamask. Metamask was always that one “sign in” option I never really understood and figured it was probably just too difficult, why not just always keep signing in with my Ledger to MEW? That was, until I discovered that I needed Metamask for Pareto. Of course, being my lazy self I first protested a bit, but I was already beaten down by the bear market so I just got along and within seconds had a Metamask. Similar to my experience when first learning about how to do crypto, I found out it was much more easy than I thought. Actually, it is so easy I won’t spend too much attention on it here, we are here to learn about Pareto after all. So if you don’t have a Metamask account yet, these tutorials will guide you to set it up:



These tutorials explain how to set up and use Metamask with your MEW wallet. If you have registered follow these simple steps to get ready to sign into the Pareto Network:

Click this icon in the browser to open MetaMask
It’s important that you first log in to Metamask in your web browser before signing in on the Pareto Network. After installing Metamask according to the link (how to description) Metamask will show in the right top corner of your screen. Click on the Metamask fox to open the Metamask login screen. Enter your password and press on the button log in. After completing these tasks your logged in to your Metamask.
If you haven’t done so yet in your MetaMask first add the PARETO token: Token Contract address = 0xea5f88e54d982cbb0c441cde4e79bc305e5b43bc, Decimals of Precision = 18, Token Symbol = PARETO

So now you have your Metamask up and running, have signed in to your Metamask via the web browser and now you’re eager to get into the juicy stuff. First navigate to (duhh, yeah I know, just wanting to be thorough). Actually not much explaining needed here, just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “SIGN IN” in the upper right corner of the screen

2. In the window that opens, click on “sign in” again

3. When the Metamask window opens, click on “Sign”

3. After signing in with Metamask the specialized ‘Intel Screen’ will load. I know it looks a bit outdated right now but its about the info, believe me, forget about aesthetics. That is, forget until you get to the EndoTech screen, that’s a whole other world.

4. If you click on “LEADERBOARDS” in the upper black bar next to your account, you will get to the following screen:

As I already explained in my previous Medium article, Pareto Network distributes the intel to investors based on the ‘waterfall’ ranking. That is, the information is curated & structured by the network, and then distributed to token owners in a prioritized sequence. An algorithm is used to determine the order in which Pareto token holders are presented with the information. The result of this algorithm is called the Information Waterfall. By ranking higher in the Waterfall, a token holder can act on valuable information before people that follow, giving her a significant advantage. But seriously, read my previous post on “Pareto Network: The Big Sigh of Relief Crypto Needs Right Now” (

From the beginning Pareto had promised that in addition to individuals being able to create content and monetize it on the platform, but that financial organizations would also follow. The first of these interesting partnerships is “EndoTech”, a company specialized in model-based financial analysis and AI facilitated trading (but read more on it in my last post here: All in all, Pareto is currently the only online platform that enables access to the EndoTech platform.

So to get to the EndoTech platform, just log in to Pareto (see steps above) and then when you gain access to this page:

Scroll down to see the link by “More Major Coins” (

You need to be logged in to get direct access to the platform when entering the site, it doesn’t work if you directly browse to the website.

So you are now on the Endotech website. The following steps are again pretty easy:

  1. Press the login button to either ‘Login’ or ‘Sign Up’:

2. If you are not registered yet, first sign up here:

You are now officially signed in on the EndoTech platform. Seriously, it has the coolest futuristic interface out there in blockchain and the functions are diverse and valuable. However, I must admit it took me a little while to exactly understand what was going on. There are just many different features and indicators. I will shortly discuss the different tabs below. When you login you automatically start on the tab “Market Analysis”.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

a. In the left upper corner, the ‘technical analysis’ part shows the daily blockchain vitals signals and market commentary episode.

b. Below that on the left, in the middle, the ‘market sentiment’ is shown, which includes a live sentiment analysis of the markets.

c. Left bottom corner the ‘crypto investments major’s beta portfolio’ is shown. Here, your returns on chosen portfolio allocation are shown.

d. In the upper middle of the screen to the left of the futuristic orb-like graphic, the ‘top-10 major coins’ in the crypto market are shown with their 24 hour change. On the right side of that the top gainers and top losers of the past 24 hours are shown.

e. Below on the left side of the orb, the top ICO analysis is shown per top crypto sector

f. On the right lower side of the orb, the ‘sector share’ of the crypto market is shown. This shows an indication of the market share of the type of projects categorized in currency, platform and finance.

g. Above on the far-right side of the screen the market capitalization is shown.

h. Below the market capitalization the top exchanges with most volume are shown.

i. And in the right lower corner, the pareto principle (80/20) application on the current market situation are shown.

Let’s continue to the next tab. The next tab you can click on in the navy blue bar is the tab “Portfolio”.


Under the tab ‘portfolio’ you can find the ALPHA and the BETA portfolio allocations. In the near future, users can choose their preferable portfolio based on the risks they want to take and the EndoTech AI will then inform how to allocate their portfolio. See the following links for an explanation on the ALPHA and the BETA portfolio allocations.

Technical Analysis “Blockchain Vitals”

Blockchain Vitals is a daily snapshot of the major crypto assets from a technical point of view. On the right side you get a daily video that shortly discusses how to best trade in the current market. On the left side you will find the top 8 major coins with detailed technical analysis variables next to them. Everything is updated on a daily basis.

The Blockchain vitals contains three trading methodologies:

  • a pivot system
  • a value range system
  • a momentum system

Below is an explanation of the blockchain vitals system as explained by EndoTech on their blog. This might a bit techy for some but explaining these variables here so that everyone can understand would take more than just a short article. So I will leave you with the part as written by EndoTech themselves on the Blockchain vitals system:


Value Range Trading

Value Range High (VRH) and Value Range Low (VRL) represent that part of the bell curve where 70% of the volume was transacted in.

  • VR levels as resistance support levels.
  • Size of the value range for risk analysis and trade set-up.

Pivot Trading

Pivot trading includes Pivot level, Pursuit/Risk (P/R) levels and 1st,2nd,3rd profit levels based on Fibonacci of the expected trading range.

  • A market above the pivot level should be bought between the upper P/R level and the pivot with the opposite P/R level as the risk.
  • A market below the pivot level should be sold between the lower P/R level and the pivot with the opposite P/R level as the risk.
  • A market below the pivot level should be sold between the lower P/R level and the pivot with the opposite P/R level as the risk.
  • Note that the 3rd target is rarely reached and only a small portion of your position should be held for this target.

Combining Pivot & Volume Range

  • When VRH and VRL match up with the Upper and Lower P/R a classic pivot play is discouraged. Wait and trade the value range, or wait for a breakout of the value range to enter the market.
  • When VRL will line up with the upper P/R (in a bull market) or the VRH will line up with the lower P/R (in a bear market) trades can be more aggressive from a pivot stand point and buy/sell the P/R level as the market may not get to the pivot level for entry.

Momentum and Collar Trading

Momentum and collar trading includes CTR=Basis Moving Average, Upper Momentum (UM) and Lower Momentum (LM) level to define the entry or signal levels, and profit levels at the Upper Momentum Collar (UMC) or Lower Momentum Collar (LMC) levels.

  • After considering the value range and CTR numbers and their implications for a trade setup, traders can move to the momentum model as the guide to the direction and strength of a market.
  • Use UM and LM levels to define momentum based entry.
  • Stay with positions as long as the market in question remains and closes above or below its momentum levels.
  • Close some of the profits at the UMC or LMC levels.
  • When a market has been in momentum for several days in one direction and closes out of that momentum, you must be ready for a correction. The next trade day, if the market cannot regain its momentum, the market in question will have a tendency to trade to the center level or opposite momentum level. These are often days when the market is seeking a support or resistance level to hold and then resume trend.

This is the EndoTech platform explanation for now. Please keep in mind this is currently the beta release and the platform will undergo many future changes to UI and ease to use features. There is a feedback survey on the EndoTech website where you can give feedback for them to improve on their user experience:

The EndoTech platform is free to use until May 1st, 2018 so if you still want to try it out for free you still have some days left. However, you do need to hold a few PARETO tokens to sign into the Pareto Network before you can sign in to EndoTech.

Also important to note is that EndoTech is planning to release a mobile app in exactly 55 days 23 hour and 50 minutes (yes there is a countdown on the screen and I’m not psychic). This is great news for those who wish to handle their cryptocurrency business from their mobile phones. Very curious on what the app will bring.

So now I no longer need to feel guilty for constantly telling you guys to start using Pareto but providing no simple explanation on how to, and you guys no longer have an excuse not to try it out. Have fun and rake in those profits!

Just an enthusiastic cryptoinvestor who loves doing research