What concerns me in the vaccination the most?

  1. The smart: “smart, educated scientifically proven”
  2. The stupid: “stupid religious fanatics, homeopaths, lunatics”
It’s hard to trust anyone where there is no conversation and only one truth

Step 1: I asked friends and family

Friends with kids in New York, Tokyo, Munich — all gave me a look. Trusted friends. My brother said, “are you one of these crazy people?”

Step 2: I read media outlets

Step 3: I tried to be in the shoes of conspiracy theorists

  1. I learned that pharma firms have teams of people working against anti-vaxxers. It’s more of a marketing tool but it makes me believe that the fight is between Big Pharma and parents who try not to believe them.

It took me a while to find the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System). It’s well hidden and not on the main information page. Do you know why? It’s so freaking scary

What I know and what I don’t

  • it’s impossible to have a productive conversation. It’s easier for me to talk about abortion, guns, and Trump all together than about vaccination with people
  • there is a lot I don’t know and I assume other people also don’t know. though I found only one person so far who was able to agree that it’s uncertain
  • probably WHO, CDC, and other agencies are right that the side effects and serious issues are extremely rare. 84 deaths and probably hundreds of disabilities for every few million of people aren’t common
  • pharma companies and doctors are absolutely interested to have no problems with that topic. It’s really a lot of money guys. My bills are in hundreds of dollars for each vaccine. Multiply it by millions of kids a year, no or minimal R&D costs (all this stuff is developed decades ago), high margin guaranteed business
  • there is a public benefit of vaccination. People who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons benefit. Government benefits. Business benefits (fewer sick people), doctors benefit (there is no treatment for most of the vaccine-preventable deceases), society benefits
  • It’s a kind of game theory, where individual interests potentially suffer for a public benefit (that I believe exists)
  • there is no discussion and not even willing to discuss the issues. Majority of media coverage is like “how to make stupid people vaccinate their children”




I’m a young father and I write about my views on raising children with emphasis on health and well-being

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Anonymous dad

Anonymous dad

I’m a young father and I write about my views on raising children with emphasis on health and well-being

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