Why the UW Computer Science department can do better than Stuart Reges

On the 3rd of May, the UW College Republicans (UWCR), held an “Affirmative Action Bake Sale.” The sale was a form of protest against the passing of initiative 1000. Also known as affirmative action, this initiative allowed “public institutions to consider race, gender, disability, and veteran status when hiring employees, awarding contracts, or giving students admission.” Supporters of the legislature state that people from various backgrounds have different forms of upbringing and opportunities and affirmative action is a form of leveling the playing field to give people from underrepresented minorities a chance. Opponents of the motion argue that I-1000 is a form of structured racism towards white people.

From The Stranger. The crowd reacts with laughter when UW computer science lecturer Stuart Reges said, “I don’t see rampant racism.” One student called out, “That’s because you’re white.”
Alan Turing, one of the pioneers of Computer Science, was part of the LGBTQ+ community
Reges ideology of women being only good at reading and men being better at math and science contradicts the very graph he mentioned in his essay since medical and physical sciences which, (believe it or not), are STEM subjects, and have an increasing pattern of attendance.
Katherine Johnson, a mathematician with significant contributions in helping America win the Space Race
Katie Bouman, the 29-year old scientist who was responsible for the first picture of the black hole
The demand for computer science rises drastically and shows the need for better role models in the department

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