WHEN YOU SAY: Nicole…we just need you to understand it is more likely your problem is psychological.

I HEAR: incorrect. It is actually statistically more likely that it is an organic cause as MANY disorders can present with paranoid symptoms resembling psycbosis: Lupus, MS,
  • Eyc. Taken as paranoid symptoms resembling sxhizophrenic descopti
someone who has succeeded consistently in school, work, etc would be paralyzed by sudden seizure activity vs a gradual process of social decline, withdrawal, and notably, complete amotication. I have all the motivation in the word to get better — I do exactly as you recommend and 12 years later no better. How many more years before the obvious is acknowledged? If meds have failed me for a decade well, they’re prob not gonna be a miracle in another 10 either. What was gonna work was tried and now it’s the less prescribed scary ones

I HEAR: Incorrect. Despire my TBI, the 👏🏻#1 precipitating disorder of temporal lobe epilepsy, you claim it is MORE likely that in fact I am inherently psychotic vs possibly experiencing mood effects of seizures. I have no predisposing features of schizo and the thought that this is who I am has never felt like it fits. Yea I experience all of these general traits but there’s a scale of schizotypy and less of an exact