Compliments only fed that cycle. Some of it’s back, and I’m still fighting addiction to the idea of the “old me”, which is the unhealthy version. When that resurfaces, I remind myself that I’m far more spiritually healthy now, and that means more for my contentment and confidence than any appearance. I’ll quickly hit the gym, but with the mindset of trying my best for the sake of my health, not my shape.
This is honest and real.
Danielle McLelland

As humans, we all have the tendency of romanticizing a very ordinary past. “Back in the good old days…”

I know what the feels like. I have spent days not stepping out of my bed, crying over how much thinner and more beautiful I looked in pictures from an year ago. But honestly, I remember exactly what was going through my mind while clicking that picture. That time, I never allowed myself to even think that I was beautiful, because I did not fit in the standard size. I remember feeling how fat I look, how ugly I look, and just smiling for the camera.

In my pictures from present, I am a lot heavier than I was one year ago, but I am genuinely happy, in some I am grinning ear to ear ☺. I am in love, with myself and this body that takes care of me. The body that has been with me even before I existed.

I still look back at the pictures, only to say to that girl in it that she is beautiful, amazing. And I love her.

I hope this helps you dear, because I feel you ☺