The one thing that f*cked up my day
Tiffany Sun

Dear Tiffany Sun, I can so very well relate to your anger here. I would have agreed with you too, a few years back maybe. I have always been over protective with my stuff. I hated (still hates, but working on it) social gatherings at my home where small kids were involved. Because they would just barge in my room and start meddling with my things. Not only this, I loved my books more than I loved myself. Not just my novels, but also my textbooks, notebooks, and any book that had my name on it. And I loved to keep them as clean as possible. It would drive me crazy to the extent of slapping someone when a reckless classmate or a naughty cousin would draw out his imagination with a pen or leave a mark in my book. How dare he.

My anger was never misplaced, and there was nothing wrong with guarding my things like my life depended on them. But what’s important is to finally gain the perspective that they are just things, and people are so much more important than things. Because your Korean short ribs can be replaced, but not your family.

I am pretty sure you know this already, but I hope someday you can read this article of yours again and laugh out loud about it. About the day when your family ruined your Korean short ribs.

I sure did ☺

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