When I worked out, ran and lifted weights, people around me would often ask why I was trying to look like a man or one of those “freak” body builders. And when I got older, depressed, and gained weight, those same people snickered at me and said nice things like “You’ve really put on the pounds!” and “I never weighed that much when I was your age, not even after two kids!” and “You’ll never be skinny again!” and “We never thought you’d be the one to get big!”
Your story is so familiar, even though you are much younger and grew up in a different country than…
Kristen Sayers

People will always have something or the other to say, won’t they. If you lose weight, you are thin shamed, and if you gain it, you are fat shamed. The truth is, these people are jealous of you, of how you have a control on yourself and your life. And they don’t know what to do with all that fire of jealousy, so they try to burn you from it. If you react, you are just adding fuel to the fire. Over the time, I have learnt, that if I just smile and stay silent, they move on to someone who would give them the fuel. Such people are not worth my time or words. I only engage in such discussions if I genuinely feel the person is concerned with my health.