Quantum Moments
Isabelle Thye

  1. You are delusional and probably lack the stamina to sustain yourself in a high-pressure work environment. Your need to self-validate about your decision shows how insecure you are about it. Quitting a job like that is easy, succeeding in such job THEN quitting is tough, that is bravery. Since you’re so young, I am assuming you barely lasted more than a year.
  2. An audit grad job in a Big 4 accounting firm, in a country like Malaysia, is hardly what I would call a ‘coveted’ job. Any Malaysian grad with an above average degree from a developed country can land that job. The talent pool is too small in Malaysia. The smart and the rich have long been poached by top firms in developed countries.
  3. And yes, you are a kid at 25. You have yet to grow up.

You will probably sing the same tune over and over again for the next couple of years till your financials run dry and you are done squeezing your parents to invest in your failing start-up.

I feel sorry for young people like you.

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