This is the story as told by a woman sales manager in Asian Paints. I worked out of a slimy, dirty so called 1 room “branch office” which had only a single common toilet between men and women. The very first day when I joined the company, I came to know that he was in the position before me. He had so much ego that he could not tolerate the idea of a woman succeeding him in his position. …

Unemployed for 1.6 years after sexual harassment in Asian Paints

Its been 1.6 years almost since I quit my previous company Asian Paints after sexual harassment. I have till date remained unemployed. I am asked as to why I quit the company in every company I interview. When I mention sexual harassment, every company puts in extra layers of reference checks. In these reference checks, my previous reporting manager makes sure I never get through background checks by either giving adverse feedback or not responding to background checks so that the process remains incomplete.

Some companies which interviewed me refused…

Sexual Harassment in one of the biggest companies in India

I was working in Asian Paints- the largest paint company in India, fresh after my earlier job stints for 2 years after completing my MBA from one of the top 15 colleges in India. I took over as a sales manager of a unit which had never had a woman sales manager in its 50+ years history. The unease of my subordinates and my boss with me was clear from day one. One of my subordinates started the practice of screaming, shouting and abusing me from day one in front…

Indian Fowler-2

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