Blow (O)u[p/t]

In a ablaze of the sky’s daze

Forfeit the delays

Embody the haze

Fog up the days

Rise up as a pawn

Don’t cry forth, just mow the lawn

The torn and the grown, to them all ‘tis nein but unknown

Shed it all once more

For the skin is nein but humanity washed ashore

We are nein but beings greedy for the below

When money is involved humanity is dissolved

For money doesn’t talk it swears

Despite the obscenity no one really cares

So drown in your thirst, swallow your low(s)

Blow up, rise once more

Blow up, tear the floor

Blow up, only to pretend that we ain’t vulnerable to a door

Blow up, feel the impermanence scold your feet

Blow up baby, embrace the pawn within the street

For without you, it’ll forever be

The shackles of society

A random dread showcasing the freedom of flows

Hear’s to Rodriguez crucifying our min(e/d)s with poetry;

[diss-the] regards,


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