Blues had a baby and they rock&roll (ed) Him/r

‘You’re dripping too far from the shore… go home’, for all the deadly virtues they plague my death — once believed to be a truly beautiful process; call it mere decay of matter )?(

random (s)(t)ill girl and beauty? i dub it art/

is-raeli boy, you for real?

MEdia delivers this with URGENCY;

isis, oh isis = (Y) our mystical child; which reminds me of Zimmer the man so:

how come this man is st-ill blowing in the wind? he should die, nay? he’s almost 74.

Forget me, I blab a lot let me proceed to illustrations of real time media LIVE from 3rd land somewhere;

a resemblance of my-self with a random girl sharing bananas and smiles/// call it selfie

and to end this blunderbuss; that is in fact about a real guy and myself hoping we’d hop to mid west and break the last dome once called zionism; apartheid; i dont know that land that borders LebaNOn — i shall distract you with more images of this sur-real world that i seem to INhobit;

in a land where mirrors are over-dated.

it’s al

ways fun to end blog posts with funk — Jack White’s lazaretto in case you’re too lazy to follow the link &shit;

— — this post is brought to you by a coy fish;

raw image of 3 random pairs of feet; one of which has no significance whatsoever — call them mein.mine

and so I bid thee fare well, lose track of time as shall I — Happy be-late-d full moon day!



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