Peepers creepers, where’d you get those thighs?

Beepers creepers, where’d you get those eyes?

I blink right back at you(r) [soul]

If you blink twice, I just might be gone

You give me the chills and the creeps

Like an insect that is always welcome yet frowned upon

I welcome you with open arms, some days and others I disappear into thin air

One day, we just might disappear two-gather

We shall be re-leased, re-free-d from the shackles of people; call it society

Until then, hold on to them as I do

Hold on to people, pretend you like them for that’s the route of success; call it money.

And tune in with me to these few tracks, for music heals

Any day now, Any how, we shall be released;

[until then]

Theirs truly,


Till things are brighter, she’ll be the girl in black
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