im not saying listen to a different song every sway but do try to borrow my ear even his would do and try to hum this with me to the sound of Simon’s beat, N(d)S;

Some point in song when Simon and Simone become one [am I Jesus yet?]

cradle your (demo)c(rat)
only to find him knee deep in silver prayers
but those who sway with risk
they aglow as they flow through the realms of your music

Random shot of a Middle-Western no-nad at the age of 20-now:

‘Like a bridge over troubled water the breath(e) seems to have destroyed Nad-riguez’

and till u shatter that virtual apartheid that lies underneath your pain and pleasure you’d probably be able to help me solve this ba(sh)ffled dylan-in-me:

you kneel down only to fear your shame
you bow down only to mask your pain
you sing only to conceal noise
and when distraught your naught but a drop

listen to Simon & Garfunkel singing silence in beautiful harmony, just like the 2 butterflies I see before me;

Even Neikne, nietzsch(N)e fiya but I’ll loop it through in hopes it’ll aflame a new circuit different than all the preceeded for we’re all but beings exchanging energy, space, and time and when you peal our skin, call it lotus, we reach a petastal underneath the breeze some call f(art);

here i find myself, isis[ISIS], nein but a wind stuck in (mon)-[soon]