Get home with I within Me/IN

‘ If I ever, ever did stray
Would you come back

But you can’t follow a dog home — though Bobby always managed to find his way back into my arms; hence/there/after/therefore=

AFTER: capture-d shots of same girl / id / it with nein but some soil gathered from the decay

Let’s talk less and listen more;

Did they just jam? But I thought — I mean we all thought they’re some sorta frienemies;

Fuck it, I’ll just hum more music in hopes that Bobby McDee that dog I always talk about :

Nay, not Juno — not dis time — juno is in safe hands and so shall we be(a)

But hey, here’s a god(dess) doing it better than we could (ever dream) -of- ;

Enough said; at least for today — i-ll let some fart speak for itself cause I’m not really good with (self) expressi- on/ng

Oh fuck 01 /. sorry I forgot to paint it all again but what-evs= 321. mein / mine

RAW shots of half art half human; call it FARTS

To end this seam-less-ly end-less stream of thoughts;


Hobbit shots/ shits-ids of swaying feet