i find myself mumbling idio(m/t)s more than doubt
i find myself stumbling on analogies more than the clear
but in the rain, down our weary path, i swim between my realm and yours
and though our hair long twas, we still wear(y) the same core
sway every once in a while in some or the other

oh fuck i did it again, forgot to announce our latest (t)rap song though he kinda sounded like any other artist for instance (t)he(y):

Somewhere in between now and what could have been

here it goes, lots of questions, diffused faces, and unmarked places contemplate a transformation of some sort and of course society call it sheep dumb as(s) it maybe(e) you notice the vibrations people preach in om rings and shallow minds hippiedom, hipster, i lost count of the variations of the same idea you loop.

You loop me, I’m bound to you
For the energy is forever in between
Albeit Dog forbids you change this circuit of our forever close hoop

[ spelling mistake error: God* — for fuck’s suck I’m a dog believer not a dyslexic but fine whatever fits your box for im weary and ive no su(o)cks. ]

Back to concrete: equation analyst freak out on free feet

Newton: energy = constant = x
Karma: Good energy brings good energy
Trivial news flash spotted from the corner of your sigh:
Add some pixie dust some call flow, some might even kneel to
end of the day tis but me and you and the bee
apocalypse is naught(y) but dismissing the hum of a breeze

I’ll leave this to [multi]media, for what might be sacred in mine might be a nasty (web) crawler

I ask of you to leave with dismiss for you don’t always have to finish a book
you might get the hang of it throa(t) an explosion of your [dick]tionary
the more you travel in depth in others
you find you lose more of you (call it pain, hate, anger, war to me you’re just another no[mad] and i your [go]nad)

the p(neo)[seudo] p(f)un blogger with none but her feet.

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