On Time and Relativity

Time and depth / Time and youth

To Amir, wherever you may be

I speak of pain [primarily due to its relevance to my universe — rather than my outlook of the universe] and fear [the main leash that gave me the push to shrivel up and avoid deliberately challenging time]

Time slows you down, engulfs you, deliberately succumbs you to its forces.

However, whichever path leads you to the revelation that time is indeed relative, reversible, recyclable, rejuvenated from the spring of youth. For it’s reborn with a tabula rasa — a state oblivious to inhibitions, concepts, and prejudice — free from the shackles of familiarity.

The difference resides in the path’s implications. For when time itself engulfs you, it attempts to display its relativity. However, one (more often than not) is distracted by his/her own preconceptions.

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