IF K(not) butt you/ if not but r/p/g(aiN)

[on my knees, I plead, help me decipher my riddle in your ripples; let’s hobbit/ hop on it]

oh fuck i know it, i just blew it into my raw flesh (w)holes;

(draw)N towards you but a-stray
Lead to me to your streams but not the gaze (gates)
I see your D(reams) in his hate
I see his f/t ears in your loss

I can’t get across, but it’s all(right) pa/ja/ba(hb)B
For, “m trying to get to heaven BE(4), six and two, they close the door
I wait hear by your door
ideals, ordeals, deals to seal our con(seal)ed
i’ll sea you 1 day-night- a/some way

Somewhere a nomad called NO(nad) blew into the crisp air thinking of nein but your GO(nad);

a raw flesh christ/cry that lies in your dark

MULTI (media) = it’s all and right I can only make it
it’s sigh and sigh only
and thanks to him we and me
i k(N)ow now wait for the break of our D(own)/dawn
and dance with the butterfly’s tail in the breeze

let us/ lettuce forget (fuggit) about today until to-mona (tomorrow), my ramona
we tangibly spoke of you, but never got to know you
but me, we, k(NOW) that you’re nein but a sleeze in breeze.

i bid you (fair) — and — well,
as I give you the air to h(n)ear/ere

Dark Eyes — both raw and a-alive

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEnnyWsddFk ; knot but en-light-in(men)t

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NADLYfcIryY ; not but 2 souls in a fish-(w)hole


We k(NOT) but butts and i sea you(re) fro/flow.