Shelter from the Stone(d/s)

“ I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form”

A girl who once had eyes the color of skies but now chooses to see only in the night

Ain’t it just like the mind to be playing tricks when you’re trying to be so quiet?

Ain’t it just like the grind to be slaying tricks amidst the riot?

Yes, stranded, we try our best to defy it.

Yes, granted, we do nothing but deny it.

So, I ask of you, carry on the mundane and epitomize the grind just make sure you leave me behind;

Vicariously living, only light emerging from screens

Please don’t make me twist my spleen.

Vicariously living, only bright shadows of what has been

Please ensure I remain lost in between.

Please don’t put your wires in my brain, think twice before you drive my membrane.

Please don’t preach of the mundane, think twice before you drive me in\sane.

S(c/t)ars ablaze my ne(ur)otransmitters

I, once again, long for the raw.

S(c/t)ars engrave my endless mistakes

I, once again, pray for the flaw.

Naturally, I seek shelter:

“Seeking shelter from outside my soul, left empty handed.. i became the shelter i needed to grow, no longer stranded.” — By The Beautiful Xaria

I seek shelter from the stone(d);

People who have grown, people best described as forlorn.

I seek shelter from the stone(s);

To grow younger by the (y)ear, to grow along the silver linings embodying a veneer.

Give me shelter from the heavy rain falling on my brain like stones,

Shelter from the stoned, them who condemn you because they’re old.

But, until then, I will continue seeking a shelter of my own;

I seek shelter yet I find it insanely hard, amidst the millions of shattered shard.

I seek shelter though I know that the more I grow, the further I’ll mutate into a crow; Capable of soaring above all the roar, capable of defying all what once made sore.

But, until I find a shelter, I will of course remain awkward at wrapping (any)thing up;

So, hear’s this [shockingly! a change of (p/f)ace from Dylan]

Chaotic music, very much like the storm chronically taking place.
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