The Sea.C PrayER

i touched his thigh and death smile-D

yes a(merica)n pray/er is nein but your knees, beas, gods, love, i dont know what the f/d ad today is but any-way ill let God Jay s-bea-k;

please k-now that y-our f-low some how stems from m/n ein(d)

please calm down; you flow faster with tunes and i with the breeze

dream in my sleep any day/way

just k not be-side me or we or he

keep me a-stray but some-what some-how no-doubt n/


and eye in jumpIN to cock-lusions real.ised:

i was blind but in wrong i

i got youR the river but i spew-ed (web or wed?) my clothes on your head

i look in your/self and sea nein other but nada

i would have try-ed hard-er to make you listen

but i wont go that way

im a stray, not but an ashtray in the dark corners of your mines

let me be or fly in tandem

but collision, albeit beautiful, hurts in one some way or another

some call it pain others hate others war some snores. its our wor(l)d and wordS

and remember a man name shPOngle

all across the tele/graph his name did reSOUND

for he said that we can fold the universe into y/our/s head/s

the beast from a distance some-where god k-not-s wear-y