The unforgettable vacation ‘’to Dubai ‘’

From my title it seems that I have a good vacation, because all people think positively about visiting this high-tech country. For me it was a bad adventure but it will be a long lasting memory that I will never forget .On June My parents wanted me to have a good vacation after I had finished my high school in my home country , because I really worked hard for school.

I have been searching for places to visit and finally my friend told me about Dubai, so I decided to go with my friend there.Dubai, the high-tech city , or “The City of Towers”.They said it has the longest tower in the world, “Burj Khalifa”.

The weather

The surprise was that the weather was the worst weather I ever feel in my life. In other word I was burning and feel like I can’t breath when I arrived the airport. The temperature was around 122 F.

The Hotel

The other bad thing that we faced there that one day we were in the elevator in a fancy hotel and suddenly we recognized that we were stuck because the electricity turned off, and the weather was so hot inside , so we were praying to survive hopefully we survived after 10 minutes and the manger offered us to stay one more week in this fancy hotel to apologize for this mistake, but I told my friend “lets go home please”. On the other side, the hotel was really so luxurious and has unique decorations.

The food

The food was so deciduous but it was expensive. A meal for one person can cost $70 you can not get it cheaper. The desert was delicious too but a lot of sugar was added.

The good sides

On the other hand,at the last day from our vacation we spend a wonderful time in Burj Khalifa the longest tower in the world. Dubai mall was really so fascinating mall, we enjoyed the most in this mall the dancing fountain.


One of recommendation after this experience that you have to check the weather before you travel anywhere . For Dubai I think the best time to go is in January. Other thing you have to save a lot of money to enjoy the vacation there.Finally, going with friends is the best thing in vacations.

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