Guidelines for How to Become a Mobile Application Developer

Nov 15, 2019 · 4 min read

Mobile application development is an enormous industry and it will only grow much bigger in the coming years. That means this industry is one of the profitable ones. So you can have a career in mobile apps development.

How to Become a Mobile Application Developer
How to Become a Mobile Application Developer

How to Become a Mobile App Developer

This article is for guiding you to become a successful mobile apps developer. It includes the most important five steps. Take a look.

Choose One of the Major Platforms

There are a lot of major platforms are available out there. Such as Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and KaiOS. So the first step is to choose one of the platforms. Everyone knows that Android and iOS are the two major players in the mobile industry. Hence choosing either Android or iOS would be wise. You could choose both of them. But mastering one and gradually expanding your knowledge to the other app developing platforms is the better way.

native mobile apps
native mobile apps

Learn Essential Background Skills

A person should have the necessary software skills and knowledge to become a mobile apps developer. There can be three different scenarios for you.

· You are a web developer trying to learn application development. In that case, there are useful platforms like Appcelerator Titanium which will help you to begin developing mobile applications.

· You don’t have coding experience but have some basic ideas about how object-oriented programming works. Then it would be easy for you to study the mobile application development.

· You are a newbie to the field. Then you should do some introductory course on computer science.

Mastering the Coding Skills

After choosing the platform, you need to understand the core concepts of it.

For iOS, you need to study either Swift or Objective-C. if you want to build your own apps then Swift is the right choice for you. If you are about to begin an application development company, Objective-C is the perfect option.

In the Android platform, you should study Java or Kotlin. Before beginning, you must know that there are many different types of Android devices. This will have some complications but when you be used to the development then you could reach a market with a wide range of opportunities.

Another option for developing apps is by using app development software. You will be provided with thousands of templates and therefore, you don’t need to do coding.

mobile app development
mobile app development

Practice Your Skills

Have coding knowledge is only the basic stage. Writing and practicing coding will improve your skills. The practicing can be divided into four sections.

1. Develop an application idea: List down the app ideas you have from your daily life and select the one looks most useful.

2. Lay Out the Details of the Application: You need to make a brief idea about application requirements and the users could easily navigate through the application window. The user interface must be user-friendly.

3. Hire the People You Need: You can hire the people you want to support the project. Maybe you have enough coding skills and lacking design skills. So hire a designer for that job.

4. Test Your App: Surely there will be bugs in the first stage of coding. You should test each element of that app separately and find all the bugs. You can ask for the help of other people by having them install and use the application for testing. After all the bugs are being rectified you must check again and make sure everything works perfectly.

hybrid mobile application
hybrid mobile application

Convert to Other Platforms

After mastering the platform you selected, you can other platforms too. It will give your app more reach. Also maybe the new platforms can let you provide additional features. If you don’t build an app for other platforms too then it can cause loss of users.

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